“The first time I heard this song I was working on this strange dance-performance, that I was somehow gotten involved with” tells Ana, vocalist of LOBSTER, I just remember being hooked by it instantly!”, he continues. “It has interesting chord structure and it’s easy to relate to lyric wise. So I started thinking, how would this one sound like, when a rock band would play it?? So next day I started to work the first demo of it!!!” “Then one day at rehearsals Zeko was playing this drum loop, and I thought, wait a minute, that’s it!!! I started playing the chords with the drums, and Tomi, lead guitarist with Sami, bassist followed, and voila! We had it done, right there!!” Ana recalls. “Guys didn’t know, it wasn’t written by me! I didn’t play the original to them before we had figured it on our own! After that, I said, “guys, listen to this”, Ana laughs! At one point Zeko even suggested, “We could write our own lyrics to this, and no one would recognize it’s the same song!!!” Tomi adds “We have also talked about the lyrics of TWISTED between the band, and we think that most people can relate to it. Most of the people have felt at least one point of their lives like a black sheep of the family, or being judged by their parents. No matter how old or young you are. Regardless, which generation you’re from. How TWISTED is that??? Original version was written by Missio, but here it is; TWISTED by LOBSTER