LOBSTER (perustettu: 2014, kotipaikka: Seinäjoki – Pori )

Ana Kaunisto: voc & gtr,  Tomi Viitanen: gtr & voc,  Sami Ketola: bass & voc,  Zeko Takamäki: drums & voc 

Rock-bailubändi Lobster tarjoaa luomu-rockin ystäville keikoillaan uutta ja vanhaa tuotantoaan. Melkoiseen kulttimaineeseen noussut yhtye on julkaissut 2 albumia (Carousel, Killing Silence). Laajan ohjelmiston ja kahden solistin (Ana & Zeko) ansiosta keikkaillan menut ovat popista-progeen ja kaikkea siltä väliltä. Mahtuu keikkasettiin muutamia covereitakin takavuosien mega-hiteistä kuten esim. “Maniac” (Flashdance), All of me (John Legend) jotka löytyvät myös Killing Silence albumilta. Yhtye äänittää parhaillaan kolmatta albumia josta julkaistaan single keväällä 2020. Tulevan albumin taustalta löytyvät tutut ammattilaiset, Sami Silén: äänitys, Mikko Karmila: miksaus ja Mika Jussila: masterointi. 

In the beginning….there was three guys in Seinäjoki, Finland 2012? They started playing together as a trio, Esko on vocals and drums, Tomi on guitar and Sami on bass. Esko had sang in the past as a lead-singer in different bands, but he wanted to concentrate on playing drums, so the guys started hunting a new lead-singer for the group. One cold February day in 2013. Sami is travelling in a train heading to Northern Finland to attend a Tattoo Convention, in a restaurant car he hears this drunken guy singing and jamming with an acoustic guitar (not allowed to do in a train in Finland), but people are singing and stomping their feet with him, so the train personnel let people enjoy the ride. Amused and impressed (also drunk) Sami starts to chat with this guy, turns out he´s heading to the same convention. He tells his name is Ana, he lives in Pori, western coast of Finland. Sami tells that he plays in a band, and they are looking for a vocalist. Ana tells the same, he´s been playing in different bands for a long time, but never really had found a “home” in any of them. By year 2014 these four guys are rehearsing, demoing and recording their first album “Carousel” (released 2016), and second album 2018 and end up calling themselves Lobster.

Now, 2020(spring) Lobster is proud to release a single from third album. The third one is more and more a “whole band-record”, as all four members contributed on material, everyone knows everyone´s strong abilities and feed each other with it. Lobster has been playing shows from small bars to outdoor festivals and everything in between, and plan to look for new contacts to do gigs all around the world in the future!!!